Cookies with Grandma, 1995

My grandma planted the seed for cooking when I still needed a step-stool to see over the countertop. While I always enjoyed making (and eating) chocolate chip cookies with her, my passion for food and cooking didn’t bloom until much later. I don’t know if it was the meal planning for my first half marathon or the desire to impress my would-be husband, but early into college, I found myself spending a lot more time in the kitchen.

There were a lot of growing pains – like the time I used 10x too many bay leafs and had to trash the entire meal, but slowly I began to improve. I am still no “chef” by any means, but I enjoy cooking, trying new recipes, and creating my own kitchen concoctions. As mentioned on the Home Page, my husband and I are exploring low-carb waters right now and so far, so good. This endeavor has pushed me out of my culinary comfort zone and taught me how to be resourceful when it comes to substituting ingredients (love me some zoodles)!

I love my time in the kitchen, but I equally love exploring this new city of mine. My husband and I spend most weekends eating and drinking our way through Charlotte. Saturday afternoons are reserved for brewery hopping, followed by date night at a local restaurant. Of course, we cheat a little through the week – some Viva Chicken here, Sabor Latin Grill there, but we aim for moderation. By eating well when we’re able, we can indulge in eating good when we want to.

other facts about me: tech wife, feline mom, red wine lover, entertainment junkie, runner, adventure seeker