La mágica de Bulla

Mi esposo y tenemos muchas citas pero no siempre son especiales. A veces la comida es mediocre. Otras veces, es servicio malo. Y a no culpa al restaurante, es posible siente cansado o estresado después de un día difícil. Todos los scenarios pueden afectar la sobremesa. Unas semanas pasadas mi esposo y yo comimos a

Ice Scream, You Scream

It seems like we’ve invented a holiday for everything. National Best Friend Day, National Taco Day, National Pina Colada Day…and as you may have guessed, National Ice Cream Day. It doesn’t stop there, Ice Cream also gets its own entire month! Believe it or not, this celebration predates the millennial generation. We’ll take responsibility for

Strong Roots

Jimmy Fallon’s resident band. A TV mini series. Food truck turned catering company turned SouthEnd staple. All great in their own rights but we’re here to talk about food…and maybe a QuestLove lyric. For this Charlotte newbie, I’ve only known Roots as a restaurant, but many will recall when they operated as a Food Truck/Catering

Blog Like a Boss

Blogging isn’t rocket science, but it’s not all easy-bake oven either. There’s a lot of planning, editing, strategizing, experimenting, and copywriting that goes into it. And that’s just for written blogs. Throw in Instagram and you’ve got a whole other beast to wrangle. Thankfully, you can reference other blogs to help grow and improve your

Low Carb Dinner for All Skill Levels

I’ve noticed that when you tell someone you eat “low carb”, they often hear it as “no carb”. Let me assure you though, I am human and I love bread just as much as any other Oprah around. My husband and I aren’t on any specific diet nor are we trying to lose weight. Rather,

Elizabethtown Eats

Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Yes, like the movie; the rom-com with Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom (swoon), but also, not like the movie at all. The southern accents and jokes about everyone being related are kind of accurate, but the town is so much more than the stereotypes portrayed in the movie. The people are kind, the

The Phenomenal Fig Tree

I have no photos from my anniversary dinner. That’s intentional. When you’re dining at the Fig Tree, that’s not the kind of thing you do. While there are “No Cell Phone” signs, the request does not ring pretentious; rather, it’s more a way to preserve the ambiance of this quaint little Elizabethan gem. I have

The Low Down on Top Golf

TopGolf is where bowling meets golf. Sounds like an odd concept, right? But hey, the throngs of people that line up day in and day out seem to be a pretty strong indicator of a fun time. You yourself have probably passed by those giant nets on Arrowood and wondered, should I give it a

“Light” Latin Night

I got my week a little bit backwards…I decided to eat out and indulge during the work week and then stayed home and cooked some healthy meals Friday and Saturday evening. But all’s well that ends well! Last night I tried a new recipe that I absolutely loved and wanted to share with my readers